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The Bubbles About To Burst

October 6th, 2015

Imagine the stock market as a bubble, expanding as stock values begin to from their peak. Well Henry S. Dent, senior editor of Economy & Markets, predicts the pop of the current market bubble to come in a short few months, especially with both Dow transports and Down utilities being down twenty and eighteen percent […]

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No Progress In Sight

September 22nd, 2015

Keeping an eye on the economy is an important aspect of planning your finances for now and the future. With so many different aspects to retirement, small changes in the economy can have large impact on you specifically, whether it be in your future plans or in your present investments. With the economy still recovering […]

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Planning Your Estate

September 6th, 2015

Everyone has plans for retirement, travel, family, friends, but do you have a plan for you? Some may think that they have a proper plan for retirement, perhaps a 401k or a rental property. But simply stacking up money in a piggy bank doesn’t guarantee a safe retirement. A well structured estate plan is necessary […]

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Equity Indexed Annuities

August 31st, 2015

For those who are interested in investing their savings in the stick market but are worried about losing their hard earned cash, there are options for you. One of the safest of these options is an Equity Indexed Annuity. As crazy as this sounds These types of annuities profit you money when the stock index […]

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Social Security Benefits

August 9th, 2015

Social security, Uncle Sam is finally ready to pay you back for all of your years of generous patriotic contributions. Why waste a second waiting to receive that hard earned check every month, well actually there are a few reasons. For instance just by waiting to collect until age 66 a higher earning client can […]

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Structured Cash Flow

August 3rd, 2015

  Retirement, the time when working a 9 to five has come to an end. You probably have plans for travel, visiting loved ones, buying that dream car you always wanted, but what about your plans for income?  Many take the piggy bank approach, storing money away in a 401k throughout their years of employment […]

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Duties of A Successor Trustee

July 27th, 2015

For those who have been involved in the process of a living trust whether it be through work or through relationship, understand how important the choice for the successor trustee is. Deciding who you want to be responsible for all of your possessions when you are no longer able to can be a difficult decision […]

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Advisor Vs. Broker

July 19th, 2015

When it comes to your lifetimes worth of savings, homes, retirements, and the future of your loved ones, it isn’t that hard to see why many people would be uneasy when it comes to the hands in charge of your assets during the process of estate planning. Some people choose to handle these affairs themselves, […]

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Funding A Living Trust

July 13th, 2015

When it comes to creating a living trust there are many steps to the process and many things that one must consider when drawing up the document. However none of these steps are more important than the funding of the trust. The funding of the trust is the most vital and important part of the […]

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Life Settlements

July 5th, 2015

Sometimes, retirement isn’t exactly as stable as you pictured it to be. Expenses come up, things happen, and times change. So is it really a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to your golden years? Most people would disagree, well the question then is, where should I put […]

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