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Question: What’s The Best Reward For Investing Your Money Smarter?
Answer: More Money!

Choosing the right income accumulation vehicle for retirement can be challenging. With so many choices, which product(s) are BEST for you? Well the answer is simple…you want to maximize your earnings and savings through SMARTER Investing. Many people want to start living a better life now and preparing for a very comfortable retirement. Well I help people to enjoy a better quality of life now and to live an amazing retirement through SMARTER Investing.


Ever Wonder How Some People Almost Always Make Money Investing?
It’s Because They Get The BEST Advice!

It’s important for your to understand that most advisors are either life insurance specialists, stock brokers or estate advisors. The advice they give you is geared towards commission based products. Meaning that they tend to be incentivized by the commissions earned on the products that they recommend to you.

Whereas I actually design a plan specifically for your individual needs, concerns and goals. On most of the invesment products and services that I recommend, I get paid a fee as opposed to a commission. In other words, I get paid to manage my clients estate NOT to sell high commission products that benefit only the broker or insurance company.


Take a look at some of my recommended investments below:

Life Settlements – A Life Settlement is the sale on an existing life insurance policy by a senior person to another party. The price of the policy is negotiated by the owner at a discount to the face value (ex. $700,000 policy is sold for $480,000 to purchaser). The purchaser of the policy then collects the full face amount paid from the policy ($700,000) under the terms of the policy when the senior person passes away. The returns to the investor are above average and are a known return.


Annuities – Wouldn’t it be great to have your investment principal guaranteed back to you in an investment with no possible risk of losing your money? How about having a higher rate of return that can get stock market like rate of returns? Well this is exactly what annuities give you. An annuity gives you a guarantee of your principal and the potential of stock market-linked growth with absolutely no risk of loss of your principal due to market downturns.

Securities (Stocks, bonds & mutual funds) – Stocks gives you partial ownership of a publicly traded company. Bonds are essentially a loan that you are giving to the government or an institution in exchange for a pre-set interest rate paid regularly for a specified term. While mutual funds enable you to invest your money in a professionally-managed portfolio of assets that, depending on the specific fund, could contain a variety of stocks, bonds, market-related indexes, and other investment opportunities. Having the right balance of these helps to ensure that you have a productive, secured investment portfolio that gives you the right blend of investment income and security of your investment.

Life insurance – Life insurance provides you with so many benefits that it is always considered to be the foundation of any sound estate plan. They key is selecting the life insurance plan and terms that are best for you, your goals and needs.

Some of the benefits include that it provides an infusion of cash for dealing with the adverse financial consequences of your or your loved ones death.Also, life insurance enjoys favorable tax treatment unlike any other financial instrument. In addition, death benefits are generally income-tax-free to the beneficiary (and may be estate-tax free if the policy is owned properly). Your cash value of the policy grows during your lifetime and you can make withdrawals or policy loans on your own policy if you need to. Life insurance is a valuable tool in properly planning out your estate.


One of my goals for you with SMARTER Investing, is helping you to generate a lifetime income while at the same time protecting your income and assets from probate.


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