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Alternative Investments

December 19th, 2019

For many people who enter the world of investing, Wall Street offers enough options to satisfy their curiosity. But for others, that’s just not the case. Some people would like to make their money do something but have no faith in the market, and don’t want it sitting in a bank. And if handing it […]

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Fiduciary vs. Suitability

December 19th, 2019

In the financial world there are different types of financial advisors you can entrust your money to. These advisors of your funds adhere to different laws and standards based on how they can help you specifically. This article is meant to inform you on the main difference between RIAs (Registered Investment Advisors) and the other […]

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The Bear Market?

December 13th, 2019

This record hike in the stock market has been confusing many people, experts or not. This bull market has managed to sustain itself for just over ten years, and even now through talks of our president‘s impeachment, a trade war with our most traded with country, and countless other events. So, when exactly will the next Bear market be? […]

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Retiring In Southern California

December 12th, 2019

Beautiful beaches, lush forests, and the best weather in the states, it’s no surprise that we here have earned the title of the Golden State (well and the actual gold). With all of the amenities one could want in their home state, it did not take long for California to become the most populated state in the […]

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November 2019 Market Update

December 9th, 2019

November was a month of low volatility for the U.S. as well as steady growth, despite the China trade talks in a gray fog, and impeachment talks reaching new levels. The tariffs being placed on South American countries as well as China has definitely taken its toll on the American economy, especially in the agricultural […]

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China Trade War Update 11/25

November 25th, 2019

Recent updates in the market have been looking as positive as ever. The trade talks are supposedly getting closer, and Wall Street is pumping out healthy numbers. This article will give you some simple updates on the status of the market, and the political economy, domestic and global.  While the U.S. China trade war marched […]

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U.S. China Trade War Update

November 13th, 2019

  Following the turbulence from earlier months, we had quite a few weeks of positive growth in the market. However, much of this came from the presumption that D.C. and Beijing were approaching some sort of agreement. Unfortunately, that is not the case. After a week of trade optimism, Trump announced that he will not […]

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Fixing Credit Before You Make a Big Move

October 31st, 2019

When it comes to retirement, we have to make a fair amount of big decisions in a fairly small amount of time. Some are trying to relocate, others are looking to travel, and some simply want to enjoy the luxuries of life. All of these things have the potential to become expensive. And when you […]

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Foreign Affairs That Hit Home

October 15th, 2019

The economy recently has had some interesting developments. Some are just the aftermath of old wounds, and others are brand new situations. From the oil and energy sector to the trade war, the market and global economy have been reacting in a rollercoaster fashion. Staying up to do date with the current events on an […]

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United Auto Workers Strike Against GM

September 20th, 2019

Unions were once the strong backbone that supported the average working American. They have helped preserve the rights and interests of the laborers of our country. One of the largest working union is the United Auto Workers Union. And as one of the largest Unions in America, they are now up against one of the […]

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