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3 Shocking Secrets Pillaging Baby Boomers’ Life Savings

And The 5-Step “2008 Market-Crash-Proof” IRS Approved Method To Secure Lifetime Income And Peace Of Mind.

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March 22, April 18 & May 22

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What You’ll Learn by Attending ‘Retirement-Ready’ Workshops

Secret #1

How delaying to file for Social Security Benefits Increases your payout by 8% every year past age 66 and the alternate income stream you can tap into until possibly age 70.

Secret #2

Why you’re missing out on huge performance gains because your current financial advisor recommends ‘Cruise Control’ for your investment portfolio — and what you can do to change this quickly.

Secret #3

The most overlooked fine print on your brokerage statement that allows conflicts of interest between you and your financial advisor. Spoiler alert; you stand to lose.

Bonus: Find out how the Tax Reform and Jobs Act will impact you and your retirement!

Tax reform was swept through at the end of 2017, with changes that will affect virtually all tax-paying adults in the country. Find out what you need to know about various tax brackets, thresholds, limitations, and exemptions for 2018.

Don’t get left behind. Get Retirement Ready now. Come with questions and leave with a Lifetime Income Retirement Plan.